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  Publicación: 2008-09-22, crítica de:

  • Have an early night and snuggle up with the one you love. No, not her, the other one, with a plug. The closer you get to the LC20AD5E (although you can call her ‘Pusskins’), the better she looks. HD-ready video is pin-sharp, colours are warm a...
  • She may be pretty but she’s not that deep. Shadows could be richer and the LCD20AD5E’s lungs can’t carry a tune at higher volumes. And if you want to get picky, an 8ms response time isn’t perfect for high-speed gaming. She’s...
  • Solid, sexy bedroom telly that loves Hi-Def Blu-rays, likes a bit of Freeview action and will play along with your console if she really has to. Sharp LC20AD5E is tagged with Sharp LC20AD5E, TV, hi-def and television. Select a tag (Sharp LC20AD5E, for ...

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  Publicación: 2008-08-02, crítica de:

  • Resumen:  It ticks all the boxes for a 32in LCD TV, so why can’t we get excited about it? + Smart design; vibrant image- Too many usability and image quality concernsSharp makes some impressive TVs for people with lots of money, but it seems that it’s not trying...

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  Publicación: 2008-06-07, crítica de:

  • Nice styling, Good connectivity, Impressive HD performance, Precise and stable pictures
  • Unappealing user interface
  • Whether you prefer this sets pictures or those of its rivals largely boils down to personal preference. Where others may be warm and natural, the LC-20AD5E is precise and exacting. While other sets may lay claim to a slightly richer, more cinematic im...

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  Publicación: 2008-04-01, crítica de:

  • Resumen:  This TV is the 32in version of Sharps 26in Aquos LC26AD5E, which is reviewed on page 122. Sadly, most of the criticisms we made about the 26in model apply here, too. There are only two HDMI inputs, and neither these nor the component inputs support...

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  Publicación: 2008-03-03, Autor: Alex , crítica de:

  • Very aggressively priced; pictures occasionally look impressive; well designed
  • Onscreen menus are hard to read; colours can be weird; black level problems
  • As one of the cheapest 32-inch LCD TVs weve ever seen, its hardly surprising to find that the LC32AD5E is neither high on features nor anywhere near Sharps best LCD performer. But thats not to say it doesnt hold some appeal for shoppers on a tigh...

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  Publicación: 2008-03-03, crítica de:

  • Shiny design, Crisp picture with SD content, Loads of features for such a small telly
  • Too small to make the most of itd HD-readiness, Colours are less vivid than on many other TVs
  • Well equipped and very compact, this is a great kitchen worktop units

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  Publicación: 2008-02-12, crítica de:

  • It is hard to dislike Sharps LC32AD5E as it puts in a solid performance in all areas, and is one of the best budget LCD TVs on the market. There are no Achilles heals, although the overall performance left us a little flat....

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  Publicación: 2008-01-26, Autor: John , crítica de:

  • Resumen:  While Sharp may be pinning its LCD reputation on its new fancy high-spec models, which we'll be reviewing in due course, it hasn't forgotten that still, for the majority of TV punters, price is king. The proof? The brand's LC32AD5E, a 32in LCD TV that im...

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  Publicación: 2007-11-14, crítica de:

  • Resumen:  This Sharp is best equipped for daytime TV viewing, and the picture has convincing contrast. Processing HDTV material is, however, beyond the capabilities of both the screen and the..

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  Publicación: 2008-04-16, crítica de:

  • Faible rémanence, Belle qualité d'affichage en HD
  • Contraste faible, OSD laid, Mise à l'échelle médiocre des DVD, Pas de tuner TNT HD
  • Une TV tout à fait moyenne dont rien de permet de lui faire gravir un échelon supplémentaire sur notre échelle de notation....

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