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Reviews of Sony KDL-55W800 han recogido 78 las revisiones expertas de el Sony KDL-55W800 y el grado medio es el 77%. Enrolle abajo y vea todas las revisiones para Sony KDL-55W800.
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A los editores les gusta

  • Resolución Full HD con tecnología XReality PRO que satura los colores de las imágenes para resultados más profundos y reales. Software para navegación intuitiva a través de sus ajustes y aplicaciones. Experiencia de audio que ofrece potencia y calidad
  • Lo bueno
  • ¡Tiene Android TV!
  • Su diseño es elegante y minimalista
  • Gran calidad de imagen con luz artificial

A los editores no les gusta

  • Precio relativamente elevado para las características básicas que ofrece en la categoría de televisiones inteligentes. Los lentes que integra para visualizar 3D son activos y pesan un poco más que los pasivos y para algunos usuarios llega a ser molesto. N
  • La percepción de los colores varía notablemente con luz artificial



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  Publicación: 2015-07-03, Autor: John , crítica de:

  • Beautiful picture quality, Exceptionally space-saving design, Content-rich smart system
  • Android TV system doesn't impress, Very average audio, Not cheap considering it's not 4K
  • Sony KDL-55W805C – 3D Picture Quality The 55W805C gets frustratingly close to being as stellar with 3D as it is with 2D. It's exceptionally good at delivering the Full HD resolution associated with the active 3D approach, creating 3D worlds that feel tang...

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  Publicación: 2015-03-27, crítica de:

  • s The Sony KDL50W800B 50-inch 1080p 120Hz 3D Smart LED TV will make game lovers everywhere applaud its performance. If we were to pick some setbacks, we'd opt for the poor Smart TV capabilities, 3D performance and poor viewing angles. Our overall grade: 8...

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  Publicación: 2013-08-09, crítica de:

  • The Sony W802A series of LED-lit LCD HDTVs performs well, but you can find other models that offer better performance for the price—or a lower price for similar performance....

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  Publicación: 2013-07-18, crítica de:

  • Clever circular stand; Easy mirroring of smart phones via NFC; Decent lineup of smart TV apps; Strong 3D performance; Good standard-definition upscaling
  • Pricey; TV interface is relatively poor; Black levels could be deeper
  • The KDL-47W805A delivers good pictures in brighter rooms and has very good standard-definition upscaling. Its mediocre black levels means it's not a great choice for evening movie viewing, however. It's also a tad expensive and its smart TV system lags...

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  Publicación: 2013-07-01, Autor: Steve , crítica de:

  • Great motion on pictures, Fast, funky user interface, Jam packed Internet TV portal
  • Smart TV portal a bit jumbled, Single tuner seems a bit retro, Not all catch-up services

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  Publicación: 2013-05-16, Autor: Josh , crítica de:

  • Resumen:  At, we're big fans of technology—maybe you've noticed. We're approaching the middle of 2013, and we couldn't be more excited. TV companies are starting to release their latest and greatest displays; we've already seen some masterpieces from P...

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  Publicación: 2015-03-31, Autor: The , crítica de:

  • Easy-to-change inputs, Good detail in dark scenes, Motion processing, Good built-in speakers
  • Remote somewhat difficult to use, Somewhat difficult to navigate smart interface, Somewhat difficult to navigate menus, Dimmer than average screen, Overall contrast

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  Publicación: 2014-11-26, crítica de:

  • Excellent color accurac, Subtle picture detai, Subtle desig, PlayStation Now compatible
  • Pricier than some competing set, No built-in camera
  • With top-shelf picture performance and sound for everything from sci-fi blockbusters to quiet dramas, the Sony 50W800B will please movie fans. Who it's for: Cinephiles who want a reasonably priced TV that will deliver faithful colors, good deta...

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  Publicación: 2014-06-17, Autor: Ty , crítica de:

  • The Sony KDL-W800B series is capable of pleasing shadow detail and decent color performance; one of the better black-level performances from a frame-dimming TV as well as a lack of black uniformity issues; very low lag means it's great for gamers; a refre
  • Terrible 3D performance -- and I mean it really stinks. Local dimming TVs such as the cheaper Vizio E and M series can beat the Sony for blacks And it's on the pricey side
  • The Sony KDL-W800B series is a classy television with excellent color and shadow detail, but in pure bang-for-buck terms, its black level can be bettered for much less....

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  Publicación: 2014-04-18, crítica de:

  • Resumen:  Once calibrations are made the picture quality on the W800B is very good from both HD and standard definition sources, though not as strong as those top units with a clear coat screen or top 4K TVs. The light-flow through the screen is not quite as pr...

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