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  Publicación: 2007-10-17, crítica de:

  • Funky design; easy to use; good music features
  • Rubbish headphones; woeful camera
  • Theres no denying that the Nokia 5200 has a number of plus points including a funky design, good battery life and easy-to-use menu system. Its just a shame its let down by iffy headphones and camera ...

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  Publicación: 2007-04-23, crítica de:

  • Compact slider design, MP3 player with card memory, Stereo FM radio onboard
  • VGA camera, Small onboard memory, Small display
  • Music phones are nothing new these days and almost everything from mid-range upwards will have some kind of MP3 or digital music player on board.However, the dedicated music phone is really starting to emerge as a force to be reckoned with. Nokia and o...

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  Publicación: 2007-10-03, crítica de:

  • The music player is satisfying enough. It includes an Equalizer and a few other tweaking options, Music sound quality is acceptable, especially the sound generated by the phones speaker, which is surprisingly good. The provided stereo headset outputs a s...
  • The Nokia 5200 has only a VGA (640 x 480 pixels) camera but its image quality was above my expectations (since its just a VGA). It produced a brighter, sharper image in low light conditions than many higherend cell phones I tested. Due to the cameras bug...
  • Software Pros: Software performance and simplicity are just average. Ive seen better. Menu behavior, for instance, is sometimes unbelievably slow. The Nokia 5200 comes with Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo Instant Messenger. However, the unit I was te...

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  Publicación: 2007-02-12, crítica de:

  • Resumen:  Nokia 5200 has similar looks to Nokia 5300 XpressMusic and is one of the most desirable mobile phone for the youngsters. Nokia has blended the design and features in this phone to meet the demands of a new section of users, offering a fresh and trendy ...

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  Publicación: 2007-01-29, crítica de:

  • Prix, baladeur MP3 et radio FM, Connectique satisfaisante
  • Mémoire interne très faible
  • Comme son grand frère, le 5300 Xpress Music, le nouveau téléphone de Nokia, doté dun lecteur MP3 et dune radio FM, est un modèle à vocation musicale. Baptisé 5200, il se caractérise cependant par un équipement moins riche : un capteur VGA pour lappa...

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  Publicación: 2007-03-05, crítica de:

  • Memoria espandibile; Connettività; Funzionalità,
  • Fotocamera VGA di scarsa qualità; Peso; Display piccolo; Memoria interna
  • Si tratta di un nuovo cellulare della Nokia che offre connettività avanzate in un corpo non molto piccolo. Dispone infatti di USB, Bluetooth e IrDa e di tantissime funzioni. Le dimensioni, però, non sono proprio compatte e il display non molto grande,...

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  Publicación: 2008-02-28, crítica de:

  • Das Nokia 5200 begeistert mit überzeugender Sprach- und Empfangsqualität. Der Ausstattungsumfang ist für die Preisklasse erstaunlich, es fehlt weder eine Bluetooth-Schnittstelle noch eine Sprachaufzeichnungsfunktion. Die Kamera-Ausstattung ist in Anbet...

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