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  Publicación: 2008-01-01, crítica de:

  • WiFi, 2 megapixel camera, 3G, Conference calling, Skype
  • Lack of headphones
  • A Smartphone with fantastic business features...

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  Publicación: 2007-07-13, crítica de:

  • Great for getting online, Build quality
  • No USB connection, Cannot synchronise email between phone and PC
  • The E65 is yet another stylish phone from Nokia and thats not a sentence wed have written a couple of years back. We would usually describe this slider phone as slim or thin, or even slender.However, the E65 is almost exactly the same size as the HTC...

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  Publicación: 2007-05-01, crítica de:

  • Resumen:  Nokias latest smartphone is slim, compact and powerful. Nokias E65 is a stylish and powerful smartphone thats great value with a contract. One of the problems with huge mobile phone screens is that they leave little room for a decent-sized keypad....

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  Publicación: 2007-04-25, crítica de:

  • Resumen:  S60-based 3G business phone: Nokias N and E series handsets respectively cater for high-end consumers and corporate customers. The E series has recently had a bit of a refurb, with three new handsets being announced. The E61i is a revamp ...

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  Publicación: 2007-04-11, crítica de:

  • Slim design; easy-to-use keypad; 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity; battery life; Web browser
  • Lack of autofocus and flash on the 2-megapixel camera
  • This is one of our favourite Nokia smart phones so far. Its slim, it looks good and the keypad is easy to use. Our main niggle is that the camera can take blurry pictures and doesnt work well in low light. But add the Wi-Fi and decent battery life a...

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  Publicación: 2007-04-02, crítica de:

  • Very thin. Well built. Great connectivity. Friendly Series 60 interface.
  • Poor camera.
  • What it lacks in charisma the E65 more than compensates for with business power and a body other smartphones would kill for ...

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  Publicación: 2007-03-28, crítica de:

  • Quadband GSM and 3G, Good implementation of WiFi, Dedicated key for conference calling, Good battery life, Ergonomic to use
  • No second camera for videoconferencing, Extended WiFi use drains the battery quickly
  • This business-oriented slider-style phone includes quad-band GSM, 3G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and is pleasingly ergonomic to use...

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  Publicación: 2007-03-24, crítica de:

  • Resumen:  Nokia E65 3G Phone Review See 3Gs best deal on the Nokia E65 - click here Click for larger photo NOKIA Workaholic... Nokia’s E series of mobile phones is designed primarily with business users in mind. There is nothing to stop you getting hold of on...

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  Publicación: 2007-03-18, crítica de:

  • Resumen:  A good range of business features are slightly let down by the form factor. BlackBerry proved with its Pearl 8100 that smartphones dont need to be ultra-wide devices with QWERTY keyboards - for simply reading email or drafting short responses, predic...

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  Publicación: 2007-03-14, crítica de:

  • Solid performance, packed with features and looks good too
  • A bit fiddly, button-wise and call quality could be improved
  • A good entry-level slider with plenty to keep the average user occupied. We reckon well wait for the big guns in the near future though

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