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Reviews of Lenovo ThinkPad T400S han recogido 59 las revisiones expertas de el Lenovo ThinkPad T400S y el grado medio es el 81%. Enrolle abajo y vea todas las revisiones para Lenovo ThinkPad T400S.
Award: Most Awarded November 2009
November 2009
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  Publicación: 2009-11-25, crítica de:

  • There's a lot to like when it comes to Lenovo's multi-touch ThinkPad T400s. Build quality is about as good as it gets, and both the keyboard and trackpad are of a very high standard. With a quick Intel Core 2 Duo processor and a solid-state drive at th...

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  Publicación: 2009-06-24, crítica de:

  • Thanks to sturdy construction and great performance packed inside a slim profile, the T400s is a winner, and great for the jet-setter who wants a little more out of their mobile machine. Darren Gladstone Buy it now: click here ...

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  Publicación: 2010-03-19, crítica de:

  • Resumen:  Starting at $1599, the Lenovo ThinkPad T400s can be a compelling little laptop. Of course, once you start adding all the bells and whistles, the price kicks up significantly (our model, as reviewed, sells for $2130). Still, thanks to..

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  Publicación: 2010-02-10, crítica de:

  • Resumen:  Lenovo ThinkPad T series are most people’s favorite laptops as they are in good performance as well as good commercial choices. The 14 inches laptops with 2.4kg or so are a little heavier to us, so when Lenovo ThinkPad T400s with 1.8kg released, many T...

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  Publicación: 2010-02-02, crítica de:

  • Resumen:  When open the Lenovo ThinkPad T400s laptop, there is no much changes between the layout of ThinkPad T400s and ThinkPad T400. The location of the speakers, palmrest, fingerprint and the drive are all same. As the ThinkPad T400s comes with a 6-cell batte...

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  Publicación: 2009-10-22, crítica de:

  • Fast performance for productivity apps, music and video playback, solidly built.
  • Expensive multitouch feature.
  • The Lenovo ThinkPad T400s is one of the first Windows 7 notebooks to have a multi touch display, and it’s fast at running most productivity applications. It has the signature ThinkPad look and solid build, a great keyboard and a good camera for web...

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  Publicación: 2009-10-20, crítica de:

  • Resumen:  Recently Lenovo issued a slight refresh to two models in the ThinkPad line, the T400s and the X200 tablet. Both received multi-touch capable LCD panels and the X200 also picked up an outdoor-viewable, much brighter LCD panel option. The multi-touch dis...

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  Publicación: 2009-10-05, crítica de:

  • Very good case quality, Very good interface configuration, Very good interface distribution, Good keyboard and trackpoint, Very good application performance, Very fast mass memory, Low weight, High energy efficiency, Bright and unreflective display, Overa
  • Contrast poor and viewing angle dependent display, Depending on the scenario, disagreeable frequency noises (probably wireless modules), Knobby touchpad not very suitable for multitouch, Display lid and keyboard stiffness not of the usual high level of ot
  • Lenovo has modified exactly the right things on the T400s and has achieved an incredible plus on mobility, particularly due the reduced weight. The multifarious connectivity fulfills almost every wish, as it bids all three current connection options in fo...

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  Publicación: 2009-09-23, crítica de:

  • Resumen:  Lenovos T400s touch-screen model is as solid a laptop as the non-touch-enabled T400s, but a dearth of touch-enabled apps as well as a premium for the touch-screen make the system less than compelling at this time. However, in eWEEK Labs tests, the sy...

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  Publicación: 2009-09-18, crítica de:

  • Resumen:  Lovely textured trackpad (ironically redundant given the multitouch screen). Still offers solid ThinkPad design and sturdiness. Turns Paint into Fingerpaint — fun, Huge price markup for touch features. Massive performance, weight and battery hit...

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