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Reviews of Lenovo Thinkpad T60 han recogido 29 las revisiones expertas de el Lenovo Thinkpad T60 y el grado medio es el 79%. Enrolle abajo y vea todas las revisiones para Lenovo Thinkpad T60.
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  Publicación: 2007-05-11, crítica de:

  • The Lenovo ThinkPad T60 is not ideal if your idea of good laptop includes media buttons and loud audio. But if the best balance of portability and performance is what you need, it could be the perfect addition to your carry-on gear. Carla Thornton Low...

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  Publicación: 2006-04-12, crítica de:

  • Sturdy, welldesigned case, Strong security features, Full range of networking connections, Swappable internal bay, Solid warranty terms and wellreputed support
  • Relatively expensive, Lacks a number of nonessential but fairly standard ports and connections
  • The premium you pay is worth it: the ThinkPad T60 delivers a sturdy design, a complete range of network connectivity, good performance, long battery life and just enough ports for the typical business user...

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  Publicación: 2007-05-09, crítica de:

  • Excellent keyboard, Great battery life
  • No memory card slots
  • This lightweight business laptop has capacious battery life and ships with Windows Vista Business.

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  Publicación: 2007-02-18, crítica de:

  • Awesome LCD, TrackPoint!!, Core 2 Duo CPU, Solid build quality, Biometrics
  • Price, Bland, somewhat dated styling, Lack of higher end gaming card
  • I can unequivocally say that the T60 widescreen kicks some serious ass. I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about the high resolution on a relatively small screen (15.4”) but I was quickly won over. I expected the build quality to be top no...

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  Publicación: 2007-01-12, crítica de:

  • Widescreen option available. Lightweight chassis. Roomier palm rests than those of the standard T60. Terrific battery life. Numerous network connectivity options.
  • Could benefit from a FireWire port and memory card reader.
  • The ThinkPad T60 Widescreen gives you all the lovable features of a ThinkPad T60, but with a wider, 15.4-inch screen—and the weight isnt a burden either....

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  Publicación: 2006-12-26, crítica de:

  • Great keyboard, Long battery life, Widescreen display, Good wireless performance
  • Small touchpad

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  Publicación: 2006-12-05, Autor: Michelle , crítica de:

  • Wide-screen display option; slender, sturdy case; comfy keyboard; decent battery life; excellent help and support application.
  • More expensive than similarly configured ThinkPad Z61m; merely average performance, despite Core 2 Duo processor; basic assortment of ports and connections; lacks built-in Webcam.
  • With passable performance and decent battery life in a sleek, lightweight case, the wide-screen ThinkPad T60 covers the basics for typical business travelers--but there are lower-priced options available.

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  Publicación: 2006-11-26, crítica de:

  • Resumen:  Lenovo has today announced a refresh to their T60 series notebook that introduces the widescreen form factor as an option.

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  Publicación: 2006-10-01, crítica de:

  • Resumen:  The Lenovo ThinkPad notebooks have always been targeted at business users, and the T60 series is no exception. The T60 is designed with security, usability, and durability in mind. The Lenovo ThinkPad T60 comes in two flavors: 14.1 inch and 15 inch.Th...

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  Publicación: 2006-08-02, crítica de:

  • Thinkpad T60The T60 is excellent according workmanship and input devices. The display is ok, yet a more highly resolving panel or FlexView display should be selected. Anyhow, this is an investment, which is worth the money.The performance data of the T60...

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